Eufora Curl Products

Ethically & Sustainably Sourced



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At Curls and Co, We use Eufora hair color as well as their product line.

Here’s WHY:

Did you know that everything that goes down the drain will lead into the gulf of Mexico?

We all try to do our part to remove our own carbon footprint. At Curls And Co we keep in mind that our shorelines are taking on a major impact from haircare products to major developments.

Curls and Co wants to give the biggest THANK YOU to Eufora for being such an amazing and supportive hair care brand.

Kelly Nicole has no interest in working with big corporations such as L’oreal.

WE value small businesses that truly put their heart and soul into their brand.

Not only does Eufora support MY beliefs when it comes to hair care, but they also support ME as a salon owner and support our planet as a whole.

Healthy and sustainable hair care.