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Welcome ! This is our favorite service at Curls And Co! Don’t think that this is some regular haircut because it most definitely is NOT. This is THE curly experience!

You and your chosen curly technician will sit down face to face and dive into the world of curls. Our main job is to help simplify your routine but also help you to understand how your curls function.

Once we understand your curly goals and needs, we can then perform our dry curl by curl cutting technique. Following up with a detoxifying shampoo and the revitalizing scalp treatment.

Next we will do our best to demonstrate and educate you on how to style your new curly haircut. Photos documenting your curly journey will also be added into your profile.

This service was created by Kelly Nicole’s original curly clientele and is the core to Curls And Co salon. It is a must for all new clients and it truly allows us to get to know you and your curls.

New Clients Frequently Asked Questions

That is great ! We will still ask you to still reserve the new client experience. After our in-depth consultation, your curly tech will then decide if they are comfortable proceeding without further information and the appointment will then be pro-rated. 

You! This is a 2 hour service and our most popular. We will begin by sitting down and really help you to understand your curls and why they do what they do. Face shape/ lifestyle/ curl type/ product/ ingredients/ sleeping/ refreshing, will all be up for discussion. 

Next we will cut the curls using techniques suitable to achieve your desired goal. 

Followed by a detoxifying shampoo and minty scalp treatment.

Finally, you and your curly technician will go through the styling process and complete the experience. 

 2 hours

Depending on the curly technician. Prices are based by level of experience and demand.

Please arrive with freshly washed, detangled curls in their natural state.

All cancellations must be made 48 hours prior.

Credit cards must be on file for first-time appointments.

All first-time appointments must be made online.

A form will be emailed/texted for the client to fill out.

Please arrive 5 minutes before the appointment.

If the stylist shall need to reschedule within a 48-hour notice, a discount will be applied to your appointment.

Tips to the stylist are preferred in cash.

All clients are put on a cancellation list.

All of our new guests must book appointments online.

Create your online client profile and a form will be texted/emailed to you, upon approval. If you do not receive an auto text that means the appointment has not been approved, please refer to your email to verify the status of your request.

Please fill the form out as soon as possible.

We only do color after we get to know your curls. A strand test will be performed before any coloring service.

Freshly washed curls is best. Limited product please and do not manipulate your curls in any way. No braids, buns, ponytails, no brush styling, tangle free, we really need to see your true texture.

Returning Clients

Welcome Back!

Returning clients will experience more personalized tips and tricks to help them manage their curls at home. Our goal for you is to leave with more knowledge and more confidence with every visit.

This service is where we can dive into more technical/advanced styling techniques with you. You will always receive the detoxing shampoo and the scalp revitalizing treatment with every visit.

returning Clients Frequently Asked Questions

We do not rush perfection but about an hour or so.


Yes please do! Curls are always thirsty and there is no better curl than a happy curl.

We got you and it’s complimentary. We will even teach you how to self trim at home if you wish.

Yes. Check out our prices here.


This is our own in-salon technique for lightening curly hair. We can create many different looks using this specialty technique. It is all about the blending of the roots into the lighter pieces, creating a soft and slow grow-out for our curly clients.

Kelly Nicole would describe curlyage as a blend between babylights, balayage, and traditional foils. We use Eufora aloe-based lightener and hair color. It is rare that we feel the need to add a bond builder/reconstructor, but for those curlies that want extra protection, we have that too.

CURLYAGE AND COLORING Frequently Asked Questions



Toner is included in our pricing along with complimentary styling under the hooded dryers.

We do offer 100% ammonia free color as well with extremely low ammonia. At Curls And Co it is our priority to keep not only our guests safe but our stylists as well.

Keeping the integrity of your fragile curls is our top concern. Please come in and allow us to do a strand test.

We snip off a few curls, and we color and lighten them. We are checking for porosity, damage, and how the pigments shift within the strands. We can then give you an exact quote and time frame to reach your color goals. We don’t like surprises either.

Stop in and we will trim a couple of curls and off you go or mail us some curls. We will let you know the results.


Yes, yes, and just YES.

We truly care about you and your lifestyle. Ask our clients how easy and manageable the curls become once they are truly hydrated. That is when we reach the ultimate success within our curly journeys. Nothing is “deeply conditioned” unless multiple layers of cuticles are opened and ready to receive the nutrients.

Most deep conditioners are full of residues that remain on the hair and PREVENT hydration from penetrating your curly strands. We offer treatments at a very affordable rate to you as this is such an important concept for curlies in SW Florida.

CURL HYDRATION TREATMENT Frequently Asked Questions

Steam treatments, protein, hydration, bond reconstructors, shine/gloss treatments, detox, and more!

Yes! Clarify with Malibu C’s Un-Go-Goo, towel dry, apply Malibu’s conditioning mask of choice, cover curls with a shower cap, and sit under constant heat for a minimum of 20 minutes, rinse with cool water and style with your favorite Eufora styling products.

The ultimate flush of impurities. Using distilled water, micro mist, and infrared technology, we will push out any impurities from the hair and scalp. This will give instant relief from itchy dry scalp and allow the hair to fully absorb the nutrients of your products. We highly recommend the steam treatment with every visit.

Most likely you won’t choose a “wrong” treatment because there is no such thing as a bad deep conditioning treatment. Your curl tech will also help advise you.