Meet Your Curly Technician

Kelly Nicole

Owner, Level 4, Master Stylist, Educator

Specializing In Curls Since Oct 19, 2014

Founder of Kelly Nicole Curls And Co. Kelly became licensed in 2011 at the age of 18. Her first formal education was at DevaCurl Manhattan in 2014 and has never stopped her education in natural texture. She is extremely diverse in her clientele and loves teaching clients how to better their lifestyles while embracing their natural curls.

Curls And Co. was founded in 2018 and naturally grew into the business that you see today. Kelly Nicole travels taking educational courses then teaches the education to her team and clientele. She is full of laughs and can be so lighthearted but when it comes to her career, there is nothing funny about it. Curls And Co Of Sarasota is a constant inspiration to her community and it is a position that Kelly Nicole doesn’t take lightly.


Level 2

Specializing In Curls Since Aug 19, 2019

The reason the Curl’s And Co’s TEAM exists.

Brianna started as a client of Kelly Nicole’s. That first encounter (May 8th, 2019) changed both of their lives for the better. Brianna is very much a “go-getter” and after several persuading conversations, Kelly agreed to take her on.

Brianna started her curl training soon after and then went to cosmetology school, graduating in 2020. She is now educating her clientele on their curly journeys.

To see Brianna work with her clients is truly satisfying and inspirational. She has a very nurturing approach and will dig deep into your curly way of life. Cutting curly hair can be challenging and she has always been up for the challenge.


Level 2

Specializing In Curls Since Nov 30, 2021

Vanessa became a cosmetologist and a curl specialist in the year 2021.

She shadowed Kelly Nicole with the expectation of becoming a curly technician. Unfortunately Curls And Co was in a very small suite at that time and having a third person was impossible. The DAY Curls And Co finally moved into a bigger space, Vanessa was eagerly calling to begin her training. And so she did.

God works in mysterious ways and Kelly Nicole couldn’t be more grateful for that. To watch Vanessa bring out a client’s “inner glow” is truly a gift. She has a way of educating her clients to not only bring out the best in their hair but to bring out the BEST in themselves.

Jaelen (Jae)

Level 1

Specializing In Curls Since April 12, 2023

The first time Kelly Nicole met Jae, was in 2023. Jae was shadowing Curls And Co as a requirement to get licensed. Jae’s plan at that time was to move north to a big city to pursue her inner passion as a stylist. Little did she know, she would find her passions fulfilled by that day of shadowing at Curls And Co.

Licensed in August of 2023, Jae has been studying alongside the team at Curls And Co and is now accepting her own curly clients. While Jae may have a long way to go in her studies, she has shown time and time again that she has what it takes to become a Curl Specialist. Jae is wise beyond her years and has a gift to “see” into her clients. Therefore making struggles somehow less struggling.

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